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Personality Test

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Why is the test an effective tool in recruiting?

This model can be used to make good predictions about the personality aspects of candidates.


The test takes 20 minutes, is flexible and inexpensive.


Our tests capture job-related personality aspects.


The evaluation makes statements about the open-mindedness, conscientiousness, extraversion, tolerance (such as consideration, empathy) and neuroticism (emotional instability, vulnerability) of the candidates.


With a job-related personality test, specific characteristics can be ascertained that are relevant for a vacant position.


Even in the case of selection procedures with preliminary tests, it is ultimately the personal impression that decides whether a candidate gets the job or not. However, tests can provide important and objective information that remains hidden through interviews.

Foundation of Our Personality Tests


The gut feeling can be deceiving

When selecting procedures, HR professionals still concentrate too much on the familiar and the tried and tested gut feeling. The analysis of application documents and conducting interviews are still the focus. However, research has already shown that these methods can only predict the future performance of applicants to a limited extent (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998, 2016).


In addition, these methods are heavily dependent on the individual perception of the HR staff. In this way, irrelevant characteristics such as appearance, appearance and age are automatically evaluated, which can greatly distort the assessment of the candidates, as these are not predictive for later performance. In short, these conventional methods sometimes make wrong decisions or even decisions that are detrimental for the company.




Avoid making wrong decisions


FYLTURA helps you to prevent these wrong decisions based on subjective perception. By

The personality test determines the candidate's personality aspects in an unbiased manner. This means that your future decisions will be based on facts rather than on the perception of individuals. To do this, we check the personal fit of candidates and provide information on opportunities and challenges.

The personality test as a terrific instrument in the application process

Next to professional competence, it is the personal fit of a candidate that matters most when it comes to hiring new employees.

Personality plays a role in most job interviews, but often only in an unconscious and very subjective way through intuition, a gut feeling, or comparison with previous experiences.


Personality tests enable you to assess in an objective, reliable, and economic way whether a candidate is a good match for your team. We draw on the renowned model of the Big Five personality traits (Costa & McCrae, 1985), which describes personality in five dimensions: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

per candidate plus VAT
Personality test
  • Online test with 120 questions on the candidate's personality

  • The candidates receive a link to the online questionnaire and fill it out comfortably at home.

  • Duration for the candidate approx. 20 minutes

  • As the client, you will receive a detailed evaluation immediately after the test has been carried out.

  • Your candidates will also receive a brief summary.

That‘s how it works

Make your recruiting attractive for applicants

Log in

Log in to the "LOGIN" menu item on the website.


Create a new job with a personality test on the FYLTURA platform.


Add a new candidate to the job and send the invitation.


The invited person answers the questionnaire and you will receive the result immediately.

The Steps in Detail

A user-friendly and intuitive application

1. Create job

Give the position you want to fill a name, for example "Inside-Sales".

This name is only internal for you to be able to distinguish the positions.

The personality test is usually already selected.

2. Create candidates

Assign an internal name to the candidate. For example the number from your ATS.

Then we need the first name of the candidate so that we can address him personally.

The result - you decide with the help of data

The evaluation of the personality takes place on a scientific basis. Our questionnaire and the calculation of the results are based on the Big Five model.

We show you the characteristics of the most important personality facets, the main facets, clearly in a graphic. This represents the extent to which a person deviates from the norm group.

The most strongly and weakly pronounced facets are listed directly below. Strong and weak here do not automatically mean good and bad.

For example, mild depression is usually desirable.

In the following, all main and their sub-facets will be discussed.

We are always available for questions about the evaluation.

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