Personality Test

Personality tests allow you to objectively, reliably, and economically assess a candidate's personal fit for your team.

79 €

per test plus VAT


  • Online test with 120 questions on personality traits based on the renowned Big Five model

  • Approved test method

  • Duration approx. 20 minutes

  • Result available immediately after taking the test

Programming Test

Ideal for the reliable assesment of a candidate's programming skills and style


per test report plus VAT


  • An extensive programming task developed by FYLTURA

  • Review by our expert team within 48 hours

  • Detailed evaluation (pdf)

  • Code accessible to the client at any time

  • Wide range of languages and tests for well-known frameworks

  • 24/7 support

Combined Testing

If you only want to meet the very best candidates


per candidate plus VAT


  • Combination of personality test and programming task for finding the optimum fit

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the personality test including classification in the comparison group

  • Detailed report on the programming test

  • 24/7 support



Additional Services

After the test, we have a feedback discussion with the candidate regarding the technical aspects of the test.
In a video interview, we validate the candidate’s test result. 45 to 60 minutes of interviewing give us the chance to make a personal assessment and we will give the candidate another small programming task to be solved directly. This allows us (and you) to be sure that the candidate did indeed take the test himself.

Don't waste the valuable working power of your technical specialists and executive staff and have us evaluate your job candidates for you. This will let you focus solely on the most qualified applicants.


per candidate

per candidate

Technical Interview

Introductory Talk

In order to achieve stronger candidate retention and the best results possible, we can offer the candidate a 30-minute introductory talk via Slack or video chat at the beginning of the test. In this talk, the candidate may present his idea for a solution and we can give him notes, should his approach be misguided. This will foster the candidate’s confidence and answer all basic questions.


per candidate

per candidate

Get to Know FYLTURA!

Our experts will give you a 30-minute introduction to the tool without obligation and evaluate its potential for your company.