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Reliable information on your candidates' programming skills and style

Data-Based, Significant, Cost-Effective

The professional competence of software developers is often determined much too late in the hiring process. Valuable time and effort are put into a costly, yet ultimately unsuccessful recruiting process.

Work samples such as programming tests, however, offer you reliable information about the future quality of work and the conscientiousness of the candidate (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998, 2016). Especially if you are interested in hiring experienced developers, this will be a very useful tool in your selection process.

FYLTURA allows job candidates to demonstrate their professional skills early on in the recruiting process and thereby quickly identifies suitable applicants.

The use of programming tests will accelerate your hiring process so that you can find the best developers for your company right away. Furthermore, your applicants will have an unforgettable candidate experience.

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Coding Test - Ready to Use

  • You choose a test in your target programming language or framework from our catalog (e.g., Java, C ++, Python, TypeScript with Angular, React).

  • Your candidates receive a link to the test and solve the task at home on their computer without having to install additional software.

  • The candidates have seven days to complete the test and can choose the most convenient time to do so within this timeframe.

  • Usually, it takes the candidates around 4-6 hours to solve the programming task. This ensures a significant insight into a candidate's skills.

  • FYLTURA first checks the test result automatically, followed by an expert review and evaluation from our team within 48 hours.

  • You will receive a detailed report from us as a PDF.

  • The test procedure is completely anonymous. This means that we do not know your candidates and do not receive any information about them.

  • You only pay if the candidate actually takes the test.

  • The programming test costs only 149 EUR per candidate (plus VAT).


per candidate 

plus VAT

Pick the right candidates

This Is How It Works


Your HR department selects an adequate test directly from FYLTURA.


FYLTURA generates an e-mail with onboarding instructions. If necessary, your HR manager can edit the instructions.

This e-mail contains the link to the test.




The candidate receives the e-mail containing the instructions and the link to the test.


The candidate can complete the programming task from home on his computer and at his own pace - very developer-friendly.


Our support team is available around the clock for any questions the candidate might have.




As soon as the candidate is done, we carry out a comprehensive review.


With our team of experts, we thoroughly analyze the candidate's work within 48 hours.


When the review process is concluded, we will notify you via e-mail and send you a PDF report.


Our experts will prepare a detailed and appreciative feedback that you can pass on to the candidate.


Even if you ultimately decide against an applicant, you leave them feeling positive about your employer brand.

Joel Spolsky | CEO & Co-Founder Stack Overflow
"Would you hire a magician without asking them to show you some magic tricks?
Of course not! Would you hire a caterer for your wedding without tasting their food? I doubt it. Do whatever you want during interviews, but make the candidate write some code."

Using coding tests to assess your candidates' skills is a great opportunity to build your employer brand and it gives applicants a positive first impression of the culture in your development team.


It creates a transparent hiring process, which applicants will appreciate and positively talk about in their networks.


FYLTURA's coding tests can be carried out with modern and innovative technologies in a developer-friendly infrastructure. This gives your company a strong competitive edge.

FYLTURA coding tests make your recruiting process even more efficient without compromising the quality of your decisions.


You will receive a better, authentic, and objective impression of your applicants early on in the process, which helps you to reliably identify the most qualified candidates. The result is an improved preselection and an overall leaner, more efficient selection process.

Hire only the best!

Save time and money!

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