About Us


Our goal is to offer first-class products that enhance a company's image and its recruiting process.


Many companies rely on special test procedures in their assessment of job candidates, analyzing criteria that range from logical thinking to personality. We want to share our passion for this topic with our customers and their candidates by giving them data-based recommendations when selecting personnel.


Our mission is to find the best possible match between companies and job applicants. We improve the recruiting process of our customers in order to avoid unnecessary loss of time and resources.


Our team works in close collaboration which allows us to follow our own pace.

We value straightforward communication and cooperation.

Our processes are transparent and we promote personal responsibility and initiative.

In our previous jobs as CTO and HR manager for IT companies, Christoph and I have recruited and hired hundreds of employees. A huge challenge when you deal with a serious shortage of trained specialists. What made matters even worse, was the lengthy, expensive, and inefficient recruiting process.

We simply had to change that!

This is how the idea for FYLTURA was born.

Anne-Cathrin Becker 
COO | Founder 

This is us


Our team and our test procedures help companies and professionals find each other more quickly. In our role as an advisor and partner, we accompany our clients on their way to improving their recruiting processes.


With the help of data-driven recommendations, we strive to remove chance from the labor market. This is our contribution to the innovation of modern-day recruiting. As an organization, we cultivate a climate of innovation where everyone can contribute and test new ideas.





Christoph Becker

CEO | Founder

Anne-Cathrin Becker

COO | Founder

Michelle Heinrich

Psychological Consultant

That's what defines us

Since our foundation in 2018, we have consistently relied on very good employees. In addition to our core team, we employ a network of experts regardless of their place of residence or origin. We value initiative, strive for constant improvement and encourage each other to achieve mutual success.

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